As the name suggest Supertech eco village has an amazing ambience and layout with the buildings that have blue color with a cream tint. Well this place forms full peaceful environs as you go deep into it. There is full use of solar energy and CNG with that there is use of LED light as well. Health club, swimming pools, sports facilities and of course it’s a mini township that captures all the afford abilities and the best thing is that it is located at greater noida which is a place that is I am sure convenient for the people who are staying in noida. There are extra amenities also over here like commercial complex with departmental stores, shopping malls, medical stores and many more uncountable things. It is India’s first eco sustainable pub in an eco friendly village.

Supertech Eco village - 2 has won all our hearts with the commendable work it has done all through these years. The lush green fields over there have given us that fresh valor which makes it more appropriate as you breathe in the fresh air. Best of global cuisine with sushi bars and some of the prominent restaurants like mcdonals, Yo china, café coffee day etc are also there for the people, well over here you can rejuvenate your senses by smelling the fresh flowers. There are individual balconies as well at every end, which is a total bliss. Supertech Eco village - 2 friendly village consist of all the specifications like there is a gymnasium, clubhouse, hi speed elevators and more of the needful things, now with that lets see some of the highlights in this same. Supertech Eco village have fresh green grass judded pavements which again adds on to the techs and tones.


  • 80% open landscaped green area
  • Swimming pool which has very clean water
  • Guard room at the main entrance
  • Vaastu and feng shui layout as well as design
  • Reticulated gas supply to every kitchen
  • Possesions started
  • Round the clock customer support service
  • Badminton court, Tennis court and Ampitheatre

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Location Map